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From A Passion To Building A Sustainable Business With Its Mental Challenges & Overcoming Them


Myriam Bakhti

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If you are looking for advice on ways to start your business in a more sustainable and balanced way, and are struggling with mental challenges, and if you want to know what it’s like being in the head of a passionate entrepreneur, then this is a must listen for you! 

In today’s episode, we have Myriam Bakhti, Raw Plant-Based Chef, and founder of Raw Mama Nature, joining us to share some awesome insight on her personal journey as an entrepreneur, and her struggles with the mental challenges that go with it.  

Her passion for food started while growing up with her mother’s loving and delicious Algerian/French cuisine. Her love for food led her to an interest in the origin of ingredients, where she found a deep and loving connection with nature. This is when her fascination for plants and organic gardening started. In 2012, after watching a documentary, she became a vegetarian and started becoming an organic and conscious consumer. And then during a series of health issues, inner struggles, her mother’s pancreas cancer and loss, she started getting more interested in natural and holistic healing to find well-being again. Now Myriam enjoys helping people by creating and sharing recipes, so they can enjoy their own healthy journeys without the old beliefs that it takes sacrifice, restriction, boredom and effort. Quite the contrary, it means abundance and ease. She finds it exciting to create recipes and develop the raw vegan cuisine, the food of the future, the favourite meals for families, busy lifestyles and people wanting to heal and thrive, and to contribute in creating a healthier planet. With Myriam’s recipes you are going to eat so well, and feel so good that you will never feel like looking back at your old life.  

She shares with us everything we need to know to start a business, and how to overcome those mental challenges that go with entrepreneurship. She also shares her top tips with us, and much more, to help you find your truth and build a successful business and life.  

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Top 5 Tips

  • Explore, connect and test it! It is the best way to unleash YOUR successful business. 
  • Don't look at what others do, listen to your intuition, you already have the answer to your business idea. 
  • Mental challenges are inevitable when building a business however there are tools to overcome them.
  • Keep your financial freedom and stability with your day job until you start getting some momentum with your business.
  • Don't try to convince people to buy from you, instead share the love you have for it. 

In case you want to jump right to a certain piece of advice, here’s the rundown:

  • [6:00] From a side passion to a business reality! Most entrepreneurs didn’t start their business straight away. For most of us, it starts as a passion/interest, something that we already like doing, like a hobby. If you don’t like your job and are considering starting your own business, why don’t you join a community, charity or meet-up for whatever it is you enjoy doing, for you to learn more and develop the knowledge that will be very beneficial in the future. 
  • [8:27] Your business idea will be your business solution! You might enjoy something but you might be facing some challenges. Why not turn these challenges into a business idea?
  • [10:00] Test it! What will make you a successful entrepreneur might not be the first business you launch. Does it matter? NO, because you are testing your product/service, learning about yourself and your audience. and growing as an entrepreneur.  
  • [12:00] Personal challenges won’t stop you, they will only make you stronger! You might go through some tough times, and this might force you to stop your business project and take you back to your old job, but this is part of the journey. Just keep looking ahead, this might get you to your next business opportunity!
  • [14:0] Decision time! Alongside building your business, your job will bring you stability and some peace of mind, however launching a business is really time consuming so you might have to make a choice and just go ALL IN to really get your business off the ground. 
  • [15:00] You might have to do some compromises! When deciding to quit your job and go all in you might not be able to do what you used to do for some time. This demands some sacrifices.
  • [16:00] Find your tribe! By finding your community you will feel so empowered. Your tribe will give you wings. 
  • [18:00] Entrepreneurship can be a journey! "It is not just I quit my job and start a business". Don’t lose sight of this vision of launching your own business, but first consider joining communities, activities aligned with you interests and values. You might not like your job, but just before quitting it is good to explore and take the time, learn about yourself, meet a lot of people, you will grow so much! 
  • [19:00] A draining day job, no Thank You! Instead switch to something that is less draining/demanding so you can still have financial stability, potentially support from colleagues, have mental space to explore other things that light you up, and time to work on your project.
  • [20:00] Fear can be a major blockage! This can distract you from you work, goal and purpose. Fear can blur your clarity, stop you from progressing and cause you to procrastinate. By joining communities aligned with your passion you will feel more confident and brave to start your own project.  
  • [22:00] Don’t go for a fancy business, instead do what lights you UP! If it is not something you love, all of the work you will put into building your business will feel very painful and frustrating. Don’t listen to the EGO, as it is taking you away from your true purpose and what can make you happy. Instead go for something close to your heart.  
  • [24:00] Be authentic! Don’t be like others who only share these shiny and successful moments. Your audience wants to know the true YOU, and what are your ups and downs, what makes you, YOU! Being an entrepreneur is being an influencer, so by sharing your challenges you will encourage and inspire your audience with what you are preaching.  
  • [26:00] Entrepreneurship is all about jumping into something new all the time! Entrepreneurship is creating something new! There is so much fear all the time, but you learn to go beyond the fear - you go for it anyway! What you want to share becomes more important than the fear it generates, plus the more you do it the more you ease into it. You have a message to share that can impact others, don’t have these thoughts blocking you, your message is bigger than YOU! There are so many rewards, you will see ;)  
  • [28:00] Allow yourself to try things! Before finding what is really close to your heart and what makes you happy, try different things. This is not a waste, this is part of the journey. Overnight success is not really the reality, but with a clear vision, an identification of what you want to achieve, and by being focused on your goal, success will come!  
  • [30:00] Inner reflection is key! Allowing time to soul search on what really resonates within you, what lights you up. You don’t have to follow the system and stay in a job that doesn’t fulfil you until your retirement. Instead do what you love.  
  • [34:00] Just trust the process and stay in your flow! When you are in your flow this is when you are at your best and when the best things happen.  
  • [35:00] Financial stability is a must! At the beginning your business might not replace your salary and it might take you time and effort to figure out how to start generating an income. Consider keeping this source of income for a while, until your business generates higher profits. Stay positive and focus on your vision, you will get there! 
  • [38:14] Doing what you love will get you back up! Challenges are inevitable, however when you are at rock bottom, what will get you back up is by doing what you love!
  • [39:00] Mental challenges when structure is lacking! Unless you have a coach, when starting your own business you won’t have guidance, and one of the major challenges is to figure out your rhythm. Finding a good balance between self care and work without going through the workaholic path can take some time, as there is no one formula, we are all different.
  • [41:00] Just be YOU! It might take time to show up as YOU because of doubt, self judgment and fear, but you are going on this journey for this reason, not to be a copy version of someone else. It will be your way to stand out and be successful. 
  • [46:00] Be gentle with yourself! You might go through personal or professional challenges, we all do, and this is something we can’t control. However you can control how you react to this. Self judgment, self criticism, etc. will impact the progress of your business.  
  • [48:00] Press reset! Allowing yourself to take some time off in these down moments will help the progress of your business. Always pushing yourself even in these moments won’t be beneficial for your business. Instead allow yourself to take some time off. Not being at your best will slow you down. Time off is like a refresh button, you will come out stronger, your business will grow faster as you will be energized and more creative. 
  • [50:00] Meditate to overcome mental challenges! This helps you to distance yourself from your thoughts and to choose which ones to follow, that will benefit you. Meditating helps you to be in the present moment, and not engaging with fear of the future. Observe and understand the inner mechanisms how humans and the system are made.  
  • [56:00] Yoga or any physical activities to overcome mental challenges! This helps to switch off, because you are rooting yourself in the present moment. It will release stress, anxiety, fatigue, etc. so you can be more productive. 
  • [57:00] Healthy diet to overcome mental challenges! You need a strong body to go through challenges. Food is information, by eating healthy you will feel good and clearer. 
  • [58:00] Positive affirmation to overcome mental challenges! Repeating positive sentences like mantras helps reprogramming your mind. This tool stops self sabotage and blocking your progress and happiness. Transform your reality and life just with the power of thoughts. Use positive affirmations for self love, self confidence, safety, abundance, prosperity, gratitude, etc.
  • [1:08:00] Stop doing to yourself what you wouldn’t do to a friend! The way you talk to yourself will impact your progress. Be kind to yourself.
  • [1:10:00] Accept just being YOU! You are no longer in a corporate environment, just speak your truth. The most important thing is for you to have fun. 
  • [1:13:00] Google it! If this advice doesn’t help then identify your struggles and look for alternative solutions. 
  • [1:15:00] The power of doing nothing! Allow yourself lazy days, otherwise things will catch up with you. At the end, it is all about finding your flow and keep learning. 
  • [1:16:00] From 0 to success! Because you are building a business you love and developing a product or service around a challenge you were facing, share it with your audience, the same way you will share good advice. Don’t focus on the sales and how you need to convince people to buy from you, just remind yourself why you created your product/service in the first place.

Episode Timestamps

  • [6:00] Explore, connect and test it! It is the best way to unleash YOUR successful business. 
  • [8:00] Don't look at what others do, listen to your intuition, you already have the answer to your business idea. 
  • [35:00] Keep your financial freedom and stability with your day job until you start getting some momentum with your business.  
  • [39:00] Mental challenges are inevitable when building a business however there are tools to overcome them.  
  • [1:16:00] Don't try to convince people to buy from you, instead share the love you have for it. 

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