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From GP To Entrepreneur: How To Start A Business Alongside Your Job


Dan Maggs

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Studies show that over the last few years, more and more people have decided to leave their job to start their own business. You might be considering launching your business, but you might not have the finances to sustain yourself without your day job income. If this is your case then this interview is a must-listen!

In today’s episode, we have Dan Maggs, GP practitioner, and founder of Carb Dodging, joining us to share some awesome insight on his personal journey as an entrepreneur, and his advice on launching a business alongside his job.

His passion to help people to achieve lasting weight loss through low carb real food nutrition which is the essence of his business started from his own personal journey.

Dr Dan Maggs struggled with his weight throughout his life and by the time he qualified as a GP in his early 30’s, he was officially obese. Despite feeling embarrassed about this (after all, who wants to take advice from a fat doctor!) he had tried all the standard advice on weight loss without any lasting effect.

A chance encounter in 2016 led Dan to look at weight loss in an entirely different way. Within 6 months he’d normalised his weight and changed his view of medicine as a whole. He now hopes to help others have the same life-changing transformation by sharing his knowledge.

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In today’s episode, Dan and I talk about:

  • [03:43] His reason behind becoming an entrepreneur instead of continuing his career as a doctor
  • [04:12] How he approached the transition from being a full-time doctor to being an entrepreneur
  • [05:58] The pros and cons of jumping straight out of your regular job into entrepreneurship
  • [17:28] The importance of getting good on video in the modern world

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Top Tips

  • It's a marathon, not a sprint! Don’t rush into things, be realistic. You are onboarding into a new whole journey and the forecast is predicted to be hectic!
  • Move fast or move on! We are in an era where we switch to things really quickly and get bored very easily of things. When you start as an entrepreneur, things might move much more slowly than you expected. Don’t rush things too much, you are also on a transformational journey. Just keep in mind that great things take time to build.

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