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How Your Values Could Lead You To Your Life Purpose


Patrik Somers

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There are so many reasons for starting a business. One which is common to most people is pursuing a life purpose. In this episode, we talk about how our values can lead us to what we were born to do and be.

If you feel that your life doesn't have any purpose, and you are dying to uncover what life is waiting for you, tune in NOW to listen to this episode and discover your full potential!

In today’s episode, we have Patrik Somers, founder of Evolution Inside Out, joining us to share some astonishing insight on his work with a values-based approach, and focus on self-mastery and whole system alignment.

As a systemic facilitator of transformation, Patrik’s passion is to inspire people to flourish, leaders to thrive, and organisations to evolve by creating and holding a safe and expansive space, where people feel free to open up and explore possibilities for personal and professional growth and evolution.

Experience has taught him that the magic of cultural transformation happens when leaders have the courage to go beyond the tipping point of personal transformation.

Patrik is a member of the Global Faculty of Barrett Values Centre. He is the creator and facilitator of the Barrett Values Centre and ICF-accredited personal coaching course, Evolutionary Coaching.

As a highly experienced coach, facilitator & values consultant, Patrik brings his depth and breadth of experience in the field of education to his work as a Values Consultant, Evolutionary Coaching Facilitator, Clifton Strengths Finder Coach, Neurocognitivism Coach, Lego Serious Play Facilitator and Non-Violent Communication Counsellor.

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In today’s episode, Patrik and I talk about:

  • [03:00] How you see the world through the "lense" of your own beliefs
  • [06:00] The real cause of what is holding you back
  • [14:00] The SHIFT: from Fear to Trust
  • [22:00] Reveal to the world your true potential

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Top 5 Tips

  • The world needs people who are aware of who they are! People who have full consciousness of who they want to be. However, for most people FEAR is holding them back and FEAR is taking over control of their life.
  • The SHIFT! Shifting from fear to trust brings you calm and peace. Shifting opens a completely new dimension in your life, and that's where the soul comes in. That's where purpose and meaning come in. Measure where you are at with your values. Fear is what holds you back. Trust is what helps you to align with your soul purpose, with what the real meaning of your life is? Understand why you are here on Earth?
  • How to SHIFT? By coming from a place of trust and understanding: I have enough, I am enough and there's enough for all. Today the world is run by fear, if we help people to make the SHIFT we can transform the world. All the fears are keeping people small and undermining their potential.
  • Identify your personal values and level of consciousness! By doing a personal values assessment you can identify your values, level of consciousness and see where your energy focuses.
  • Reflect on yourself and question your mind! The Work by Byron Katie helps you question your beliefs and what alternatives are serving you. What makes us suffer? It is not what happens in the world or in our life. What makes us suffer is the stories we are telling ourselves and the beliefs that hold us back.

Resources Mentioned

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