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The Reality Of Running A Business


Ronnie Smith

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So many people jump into entrepreneurship without having any knowledge of what it looks like to be an entrepreneur. Because of that, not having the right expertise and support, a lot of people fail and are forced to quit on their dream to go back to their 9-to-5 job. In this interview we share some golden nuggets for you to be prepared and succeed as an entrepreneur. Don’t wait any longer, press PLAY and make sure to act on all these amazing advice!

In today’s episode, we have Ronnie Smith, founder of UK Fruitfest, joining us to share some awesome insight on his personal journey as an entrepreneur, his advice on launching a business, the reality of being an entrepreneur and what it involves.

Ronnie Smith is respected worldwide as a unique voice and leader in the raw vegan movement. He founded the UK Fruitfest, one of the most successful raw vegan events in the world in an effort to provide education, support and community to those on a raw vegan lifestyle. He works one to one with a small group of coaching clients helping them to maximise their health with a raw vegan diet and has also consulted on event management for other raw vegan festivals. He lives in Glasgow, Scotland and likes to travel to go to raw vegan festivals around the world. He is a musician, a keen meditator and a 3rd Dan black belt in the art of Aikido.

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In today’s episode, Ronnie and I talk about:

  • [00:50] Don’t search for more excuses, you are the cause
  • [12:52] Your success starts here
  • [29:00] You MUST understand and have a marketing strategy
  • [40:56] Your mindset is your biggest strength or your worst enemy
  • [44:15] Your Million Dollars Formula
  • [57:00] The real challenges of all entrepreneurs
  • [01:18:00] Top Tips

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Top Tips

  • Educate yourself on sales and marketing! If you don’t have a marketing and business background, you must learn the basics about it. You don’t have to become an expert, but you need to have a strong understanding of it. This will be essential for you at the beginning, if you do everything yourself and/or if later need to outsource it.
  • Get yourself a mentor! Having someone beside you, someone who can support you when facing challenges, someone who can hold your hand in moments of doubt, someone who can show you the way, will be really valuable. You can get a lot of information out there, but don’t underestimate the degree of the task. Successful entrepreneurs all have one or multiple mentors/coaches. Just make sure you know who you are getting in to bed with! You want to ensure they have your interest at heart.
  • Just go for it! Don’t hold back your dreams, commit to it and take the leap. There’s no time to think, we don’t have the luxury for that. Life is too short!
  • Don’t be afraid to invest! You can start a business with no money, however at some stage, if you want to grow, you will have to invest in your business. This investment can take the form of paying for your internet connection, the host of your website, a shop, marketing training, advertising, etc. If you believe in your business you will make the money back.
  • Pin a date! If you don’t commit to it, you might always find excuses to push back. Commit to it, invest in it and go all in.
  • Never stop learning! Your secret weapon is your knowledge about the necessary things you need to run your business, about your customers, your market, etc.
  • Don’t question their judgement! They aren’t buying because they are dum, but because you haven’t presented them something appealing yet! Don’t judge them, instead, listen to them, watch them. Always be open to hear feedback and take all of them into consideration and act on it.
  • Never give up! You signed up for the countryside route, not for the motorway. It won’t be easy, there will be bumps but it will be extraordinary. The views, sights are breathtaking. However, it is also important for you to understand if something is not working, and so accept making changes and/or changing direction.
  • Do it the entrepreneur way! Successful entrepreneurs don’t sit on an idea for years. They have an idea, they announce it, they pin a date in the diary and they figure out how to deliver it. It is the method "Test quick, fail cheap". If it works great if it doesn’t move on. The longer you wait, the more opportunities you waste. No time to waste, you will never feel prepared!
  • You can’t go wrong by investing in gaining this knowledge! Having some knowledge in business, marketing and sales will be necessary for you at the start, if you don’t have the resources to outsource it. But it will also be extremely useful when you do outsource it, as you will be able to understand the specialist recommendations and point out any scams.

Resources Mentioned

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