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Yael Gilboa

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So many people want to launch a business but they are stuck because they don’t have a business idea. If you listen to most entrepreneurs you will realise that their business is built around their own experience.

In today’s episode, we have Yael Gilboa, founder of Mandala Healing Dance, joining us to share some awesome insight on her personal journey as an entrepreneur. She gives her advice on launching a business, around who you are and what you love, with the intention to inspire and impact people.

Yael Gilboa is an artist, a dancer, a filmmaker and a passionate teacher for the New Energy, mentoring women to connect with their creative self. Ever since she can remember, she felt that there was something inside her that wanted expression, but just couldn’t find the right outlet. She’s always been creative, but most of her life it took second place to a more cerebral type of work. Mandalas and Sacred Geometry were a real revelation. The channel she was looking for was to have direct contact with her inner self. She found that drawing Mandalas could help her in trying situations in life. They helped her heal the rift in her soul, and find peace in the most difficult life experiences. They helped her grow spiritually. Her explorations led her to the understanding of the cosmic function of Sacred Geometry, and she loves how it is expressed in nature. Much of her inspiration comes from spending time immersed in nature. Teaching and inspiring others is her mission in life, and in her courses she aspires to combine all the tools that have so enriched her life.

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In today’s episode, Yael and I talk about:

  • [01:38] From filmmaker to wellbeing coach through multiple forms of art
  • [10:00] Expanding your reach and impact by moving from local to international
  • [14:35] A real sense a purpose and fulfilment when running your own business
  • [17:00] What entrepreneurs must learn and know from the start

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Top 5 Tips

  • Showing UP! It is really common for entrepreneurs to overcome the challenge of showing up. Showing up for who you are, showing your scars and what makes you who you are is hard but this is so important for you to build trust with your audience.
  • Your revenue is NOT your income! Before paying yourself or starting spending the money you earned, put a percentage of this money in separate accounts for you to pay your charges, taxes, etc.
  • Juggle with all business aspects yourself at first! The beginning might be hard and overwhelming as you might have to do everything yourself and learn about all of these new things. Doing it yourself at first is strongly recommended so you understand and know how things work. Remember to focus on the big rocks.
  • Listen to your heart! Don’t do what you think you should do, do what lights you up. What do you really want to give to others?
  • Take baby steps! Start fast but start small. No needs to invest big money in a website, a location, equipment, etc. Think about FREE alternatives. Rome wasn't built in a day, so this is the same for your business. The first thing that you are actually doing is getting people interested in what you have to offer and the most important is for you to test it with your customer and for you to see if this something you really want to do.

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