How to successfully start a purpose-driven business

...even if you don’t have any entrepreneurship knowledge and experience.


Business idea, business plan, financing, marketing strategy, website, legal, etc.

Phew! It's exhausting just thinking about all the things you need to consider when launching a business! Let's make it easier...

Laure Jeremie Marketing and Business coach

What it takes to start a business with business coach, Laure Jeremie

Learn how to launch a business with business and marketing coach and founder of UniToShine - Laure Jeremie, who’ll be taking you through an online masterclass to help you discover what it takes to start your business.

She'll be teaching you a powerful framework and how to use it towards the achievement of your outcomes and goals.

UniToShine - Launch your business like a pro

Learn the MUST-have attitude when starting a business

If you don't know where to start and the thought of planning the launch of a business seems overwhelming, huge or completely bewildering you’re going to love how easy, fun and light launching a business can be.

Laure is going to show you an incredible tool to help you simplify the whole process so that you focus on what matter and launch quickly your business and get fast results.

UniToShine Build your confience to launch your business with ease

The number ONE secret to being successful

Uncover the "confidence killers" that are stopping you from truly showing up as the leader you really are, and building a business you love, while having a positive impact on the world.

Discover how you can achieve anything in life and with your business to let go of your business launch fears, step into your awesomeness and build bigger belief in yourself and your business launch.


And so you know you are in great hands...

UniToShine testimonials - Jean Neltner

Laure has significant digital marketing experience, with a deep understanding of all marketing channels across all industries.

Jean Neltner, Founder of fifty-five

UniToShine testimonials - Gert Mellak

Laure's detail orientation and strong dedication to move projects forward has been inspiring for our whole team.

Gert Mellak, Founder of SeoLeverage

Magali Vives - UniToShine podcast Self assessment

With Laure's approach you are in good hands. She will teach you how to build a business from scratch with ease and without becoming overwhelmed.

Magali Vives, HR Consultant from Krauthammer

UniToShine testimonials - Rob Bee

Laure's dedication and professionalism will support you step-by-step to build your business and your confidence.

Rob Bee, Founder of The Art of Health

Einav Avni - UniToShine podcast What I wished I knew before starting as an entrepreneur

With Laure's enthusiasm and coaching skills you are in good hands to achieve your goals and build the business you love.

Einav Avni, Founder of Untangled Coaching

Myriam Bakhti - UniToShine podcast - From A Passion To Building A Sustainable Business With Its Mental Challenges & Overcoming Them

Laure is a product of what she teaches. She will share with you her best strategies and knowledge for you to succeed.

Myriam Bakhti, Founder of Raw Mama Nature


If you are looking to launch a business while having a positive impact on the world, Laure will be the best coach on this journey.

Jane Murray, Founder of Peacebeam


Laure's values and vision will support you to unleash your purpose and become the person you are meant to be. 

Patrik Somers, Systemic Facilitator of Transformation

UniToShine testimonials - Virginie Randrianarisoa

By working with Laure and following her method, within just a few weeks your life will entirely transform and you will never look back on investing in yourself.

Virginie Randrianarisoa, Conscious Leadership Speaker