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What I wish I knew before starting as an entrepreneur


Einav Avni

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If you’ve been thinking about quitting your 9 to 5 job to launch your own business, but you still don’t know what to expect, this is a must listen for you! 

In today’s episode, we have Einav Avni, Life Coach, and founder of Untangled Coaching, joining us to share some awesome insight on what she wished she knew before starting her journey as an entrepreneur.  

Einav is a life coach and a master practitioner of NLP. She believes that a lot of the suffering people go through stems from them moving away from their core values. By re-aligning people to their values, strengths and talents, Einav is able to reconnect people with their purpose and help them find the balance, clarity and joy they were missing. Einav is working with people suffering from anxiety, those feeling stuck, burned out, and those feeling there has to be more to life. Together she works with them on identifying and creating the change they seek. Einav uses a variety of tools and techniques to help people connect with their true self and operate from a place of growth and empowerment. The feedback from her clients is a unified ‘life changing’.  

She gives everything we need to set ourselves on the right path. She shares her 6 top tips with us, and much more, to help you to succeed and enjoy this journey to your dream job (and life). 

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Top 6 Tips

  • It is not because you are “the best” that you get success 
  • Have a plan of what you want to achieve, and plan when and where you need support
  • Allow yourself to learn how to walk before you learn how to run  
  • Don't compare yourself to others  
  • It is all about the focus and the trust  
  • Don't give up so quickly! 

In case you want to jump right to a certain piece of advice, here’s the rundown:

  • [2:31] You are NOT just your profession! Starting your own profession means, in most instances, becoming an entrepreneur. As for Einav's journey, it is not only about becoming a life coach, you also have to wear a lot of hats (at least for most of us at the beginning of this journey). You might have to do your own marketing, bring yourself to the crowds.
  • [3:51] Being the best in your profession is NOT enough to succeed! You need to think about building your brand, attracting clients, converting clients and more. 
  • [4:59] It takes time to establish yourself, so don't QUIT too quickly! It takes about three years, from when you get started to when you find yourself in position whereby you no longer have to chase your clients, and things just happen more organically. It doesn't mean you can't have success along the way. Just keep in mind challenges are here to make you stronger. Don't quit at your first challenge and/or your first failure. 
  • [5:56] They are selling you FAST success, don't be a fool! Living in a fast moving society, we expect to turn around business success overnight. These people selling you fast success and fast cash are selling you a dream. Don't fall into this! They are making money selling this dream, by taking you as a fool
  • [7:13] Short memory syndrome! When we move to the entrepreneurship journey, we often forget how hard it was to be successful in the corporate world. Starting on this unknown path of entrepreneurship can take time and hard work to succeed. Just relate that to the corporate environment, building a career can take years. As an entrepreneur challenges will be different, but you will for sure come across some. Don't quit, be consistent in your work and success will come.
  • [7.49] Don't compare yourself with others! We are all coming from different backgrounds, we have different skills, experience and capabilities. Sometimes, as an entrepreneur you might have to pick up new skills and/or outsource to people who have those skills. Focus on what you know, and what you enjoy doing, and give everything else to someone else. Your time is too valuable to waste on something someone else can do for you.
  • [9.19] Mindset is everything! The right mindset will carry you to your success and will avoid unnecessary frustrations that is just a waste of your time, energy and focus. Successful people have a strong mindset. Set yourself up to succeed, and work on your mindset.
  • [9.35] Doubting yourself is normal! Every day can be seen as a new challenge, as a new stepping stone to claim. Don't take the easy way by looking for the exit, and go back to the “safe” place that was your old job. Remind yourself why you are here. Making the decision to start on the entrepreneurship journey was the hardest decision you will ever make. You've been brave and courageous, the hardest part is in the past.
  • [9.50] Be grateful for everyday success, it is a step-by-step journey! You need to look at every day as a success. Everything you are doing, learning, implementing today it is something you were not doing yesterday. Embrace this journey, enjoy every step on the way.
  • [10.16] Ask yourself what are you trying to achieve! Don't try to do everything, build a plan and see where and when you need support to achieve your goal/your next step. Don't expect to be an expert in all of the jobs that are required for your success (copywriter, web designer, marketer, etc.). Ask yourself, what can I do by myself? And for the rest get someone qualified to do it for you.
  • [11.38] Really experience the journey, it is ALL good! You have a journey that you have to go through. If it was an overnight success you wouldn't have the chance to experience the journey.
  • [12.31] There is no failure, only feedback! When we put ourselves out there, when we try to do something new, something that we've never done before, we get feedback. This feedback is essential to understand what needs to be improved and build up on.
  • [14.02] Be thankful of challenges, they will bring you CREATIVITY! Creativity doesn't come naturally for everyone, however when you need to overcome challenges, it pushes you to think outside of the box, and try things you haven't tried before. It will force you to put yourself out there and really step out of your comfort zone.
  • [15.14] Don't waste time with perfectionism, remember we are a "work in progress"! Nothing will ever be perfect, it is and will always be a work in progress. Have you ever looked back on a project and said "Oh gosh, is it me who did that? This is awful!" But at that time, it was perfect because we did it using your best knowledge and capability, at the time.
  • [17.13] Entrepreneurs need to invest in their personal and professional growth! Most of us spent years and a lot of money at uni to get a degree. Most business schools selling point is that, if you go there you will get a job with a very big salary. This is totally BS! Why? Because it will take you years to climb up the ladder for this big pay cheque! Why will most of us fall into that trap, but can't get our head around the fact that, when starting on the entrepreneurship journey it also requires time and personal investment. To set yourself up to succeed, never stop learning. 
  • [17.51] Put everything into perspective and remember the time it took you to get your first job! If you are lucky, after your degree it can take a few days, but for most of us it takes months to get a job. Why? Because the only thing you have is a degree, nothing else. You don't have the experience, you might not know how to search for a job and put yourself out there. Launching a business can sometimes be the same. Just be patient and consistent, never stop learning and success will come.
  • [18.34] It is OK to have an inbetween job! Don't look at this as a downgrade or a failure, instead look at this as an opportunity. It took courage to do that, and courage is one of the main skills you will need as an entrepreneur.
  • [19.08] You are NOT starting from scratch, you are just building up! The beauty of becoming an entrepreneur, after you've been working in a job, is that you are only building up on your existing knowledge and experience. You are just opening a new chapter of your life.
  • [19.31] Bring yourself back to NOW! Being in the now will help to solve the current problems, as you have all of the knowledge and understanding of the situation you are in. However, projecting yourself in the future will make you anxious and worry as you don't have the knowledge, the experience and the tools yet.
  • [21.16] Don't compare yourself to others, we are ALL in our own journey! This only creates more anxiety, more stress, more worry, more wishing and we are losing our focus. The comparison game generates so much frustration, and when you're frustrated you can't focus, and when you can't focus, you can't progress.
  • [21.34] Don't be afraid of a saturated market, BET on your culture add! Who you are, your experience, knowledge, background, etc. makes you unique, so capitalise on that.
  • [21.34] Fear of judgement is a BIGGIE! When starting as an entrepreneur, most of us fear "they". What would "they" say/think? Fear of criticism can paralyse you and stop you moving forward.
  • [26.42] Don't restrict yourself by being too fixed on your goal! Only focus on your next step, as this is what you control. Be opened to new opportunity, letting people in your life, etc. to show you the way. By focusing only on your end goal you might miss out on your journey.
  • [26.42] It is all about TRUST! By trusting and having faith that the right things, right opportunities, right people, right lessons will come your way, will help you to relax, enjoy the journey and help you to step into your authentic self and what you have to bring to the world.
  • [29.01] It is OK to change direction! In your journey, challenges, people, lessons learnt might influence you to change direction. Be open to that. Whatever road you take the most important thing is you reach your goal. Allowing things to reveal themselves as they are meant to.
  • [29.21] Your are NOT on a motorway, you might have to take some country side roads! Wouldn’t it be boring if the way to success was like driving on the motorway? I am personally very bored on the motorway, and definitely prefer the country roads. It has its challenges, but it makes the journey much more spectacular and interesting.
  • [30.30] Stay open to new connections, there is always something to learn! By doing so, you start creating your own community.
  • [31.28] You are not ALONE, your community will support you! Entrepreneurship can be lonely sometimes but remind yourself that you have your community who will always be there to help you and support you.  
  • [32.06] It is not because you don’t get the expected result that it is not a good idea! How do you know when something that you try is working or not working? How do I define whether something worked or didn’t work? What can you do to make it work? What can I do differently? Don’t see this as a failure but an opportunity to improve it. There is always a lesson to learn. 
  • [34.07] Entrepreneurship is NOT for everyone! Are you the type of person who quits as soon as you face a challenge? If you do, move away from entrepreneurship.
  • [34.28] "Failure" makes you stronger NOT weaker! For those not quitting at the first "failure" (which we also call feedback) is your best way of growth. See this as an opportunity to get better.
  • [34.50] Be grateful for those "failures"! No one turned up at your event? Great, because you were not ready anyway. Don’t you prefer not be at your best in front of a few people instead of a big crowd? Those "failures" are what they are for. Practise.
  • [36.04] List of what can go wrong! List your short, medium and long term goals as well as what can go wrong, and provide an answer for it, so you are prepared for all situations when they come.
  • [38.58] Plan your secondary passive income stream! At the beginning of your journey, your first income stream which is your main activity can fluctuate so it is always better to have a few income streams. 

Episode Timestamps

  • [3:51] It is not because you are “the best” that you get success 
  • [10:14] Have a plan of what you want to achieve, and plan when and where you need support 
  • [11:38] Allow yourself to learn how to walk before you learn how to run 
  • [20:34] Don't compare yourself to others
  • [26:12] It is all about the focus and the trust
  • [31:46] Don't give up so quickly!

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